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No Particular Tribe Has Monopoly Of Leadership Of Kogi State, Governor Wada Admits

Kogi State Governor, Captain Idris Ichala Wada
Kogi State Governor, Captain Idris Ichala Wada

Governor Idris Wada of Kogi State has admitted that the issue of rotation of power in the state is all about equity and fairness as no particular tribe has the monopoly of the leadership of the state.
Wada said the issue should not be reduced to a mere topic by some people who are just interested in the governorship that is only brought up to the front burner only during elections.
He added that it is about the lives of the people of Kogi state and not about individuals.
Governor Wada who spoke to a selected newmen in Abuja yesterday, expressed surprised that people only bring the issue whenever election approaches, adding that such attitude belittles the significance and essence of the rotation agitation.
“I believe in power rotation and it is an equitable thing to do but there is a process. I think our leaders need to get together and work out modalities and a proper way to approach this issue with a view to have some understanding and if possible, agreement on how to resolve this issue of power rotation.”
Governor Wada expressed confidence that his party (PDP), having gained from the experience of the outcome of the March/April presidential and National Assembly elections, would emerge victorious in the rescheduled governorship election by the Independent National Electoral Commission.
According to the governor, the defeat the PDP suffered during the presidential and National Assembly election was a temporary setback and that experience gained from the temporary set-back has been overcome.
“There was a cry by Nigerians for change and the PDP having been in power for 16 years, there was really not much the PDP could have done to overcome the change mantra that was blowing across the country. The Buharimania that had taken over was so strong that there was very little the PDP could do.
“There was so much criticisms of the efforts of the PDP. So, it was difficult at that point for the PDP, as a party to have done much better than it did. I think we should commend the PDP for the effort it put in even in the face of that strong wind of change. The PDP did very well and with time, I believe it will find its feet and do better in future election particularly in Kogi state.
”And if people say because of my gentle mien and my pursuit of justice and equity, God will give me the opportunity to stand for the election against them and they will see the result because I believe God Almighty will stand behind me to win if I contest.
Governor Wada said what the face-off between him and the leadership of the PDP in the state over Ward congress is already being resolved.
“What is happening is more like a misunderstanding of the issue which is being resolved. We are in discussion with the national leadership of our party and I believe in the next few days, the matter will be resolved.” [myad]

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