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PDP Still Studying Why It Lost 2019 Election ― Secondus

National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Uche Secondus, has said that the party is still waiting for the 2019 election post mortem being prepared by the Governor of Bauchi State, Bala Muhammed’s committee, set up to determine why the party lost the election.

Speaking today, December 10 in a session with the media on the third anniversary of his leadership, Secondus said: “the Bala Committee is still working, coming out with a report of why we lost and by the time they finish, we will take a decision and the decision will not be for the NWC only but the entirety of our party.

“We did the same thing when we lost the election in 2015 when we set up the Senator Ike Ekweremadu committee to look into why we lost. It was from that report that the party took action towards 2019.

“The same way this time, we must study our last outing before looking ahead. We can’t be talking of zoning when we have not appraised how we fared in the last election.

“And I believe that whoever that is interested in 2023 maybe including the former President (Goodluck Jonathan). The thing is that the PDP is a party for all. Everybody will have that opportunity but in clear terms, we have not taken any decision to give anybody the ticket for now.

“You can’t be talking of ticket when the country is in a terribly bad shape and I think we should face that fact first and press, the people in government should do better, to secure us and better the economic agenda for the good of the people. We are not going to talk about who will or will not get the ticket now.

“I know you the media are interested in zoning, but our party has a clear method of doing things. After the general election, we set up a panel to study and appraise our performance and make necessary recommendations. The Governor of Bauchi state, H.E Alhaji Bala Mohammed is heading the committee and they are still working.

“Moreover, the state of the nation today is such that politics or anything concerning 2023, of three years away, should take backstage. Nigeria is in a comatose state today where APC brought it. That should be our concern now.”

Secondus claimed that everything on ground in Nigeria, from insecurity to the recessed economy  points to the fact that Nigeria entered the wrong bus in 2015 and they are paying for it because the wrong vehicle cannot take them to the correct destination.

According to him, the PDP states are better in terms of performance than their counterparts ruled by other parties.

“Another thing that helped us as a party while in this opposition is the exceptional performance of PDP Governors. Throughout all the PDP controlled states is glaring evidence of delivery of democracy dividend. This has helped to engender confidence on the party about democracy.

“APC performance in the area of delivering democracy benefits at federal and state levels has been awful and demoralizing. As a party, we are proud of the performances of our Governors and Nigerians are also happy with them.”

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