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Why We Are Concerned About Saturday’s Election In Nigeria – ECOWAS Chairman

Ghanian President, John Dramani Mahama
Ghanian President, John Dramani Mahama

The Chairman of the Authority of Heads of State of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), John Draman Mahama has said that the Saturday’s Presidential election in Nigeria means more to members of the regional body and other parts of the world than what Nigerians expected.
Mahama who is also the President of Ghana, in a speech at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja said: “as you know, Nigeria is a very important member of ECOWAS. The largest economy; the largest nation in the ECOWAS region and so Nigeria’s safety and security is the safety of and security of the whole of ECOWAS region. So, I stand on behalf of all the Presidents of ECOWAS and wish that all Nigerians will come out and express their votes and their votes would count towards electing who becomes the next leader of this country.”
Mahama said that he was in Nigeria in hid capacity as the Chairman of ECOWAS on election visit, saying “as you are aware, our sub- region this year, has five countries that are going through elections and ECOWAS has been involved in ensuring that this elections are held in peaceful and transparent environment.
“And so, ECOWAS has undertaken in all  these countries that are facing elections, long term electoral observer missions. These missions have been monitoring the electoral process in the lead up to the elections not just before the elections, but from a longer period. “We have received several monitoring reports and we are working together with the electoral commissions of the countries and the authorities of those countries
“We have tried to ensure that obstacles to free and fair elections are removed to ensure that election are free and fair. People would accept the results of those elections. As chairman of the authorities of Heads of State of ECOWAS, I have extended my solidarity to the Nigerian people through my brother President Jonathan, to see that the whole of ECOWAS, not only ECOWAS, but the international community is in solidarity with Nigeria to have a very transparent election so that the democratic process in Nigeria will be better entrenched.”
The Ghaninan President said that ECOWAS would continue to monitor the situation and would do everything possible to stand in solidarity with Nigerian people to ensure that this election pass on successfully and Nigerian continue in the role that it plays in the sub -regional bodies.

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