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President Buhari Celebrates Ebenezer Obey At 81

President Muhammadu Buhari is celebrating the 81st birthday of Ebenezer Obey, whom he described as multi-talented musician.

In a statement today, April 3, by a Presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, the President said that he is celebrating the talented performer for 66 years of impactful global career, with evergreen signature tunes from the 50’s.

President Buhari acknowledged the influence of Obey, known as “Chief Commander”, on the blossoming Nigerian musical industry since he started out at 15 years.

He recalled that the musician brought a fusion of juju and highlife into a musical band, roused International Brothers and in 1964, metamorphosed into “International Reformers” in the 70’s.

The President said that Ebenezer, “the revered mentor and teacher” expanded his reach through sharing knowledge, good works and charity.

According to Buhari, Ebenezer also guided younger musicians to get training and skills at his musical school, as well as counseled many against destructive habits.

“He provides scholarships for the less privileged, with visits to orphanages and other welfare institutions.”

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President Buhari advised his family members, friends, professional colleagues and fans to appreciate the life-long dedication, diligence and sacrifices that culminated in the successes.

He also drew attention to the willingness of the legendry musician to always place God at the center.

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