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Prince Okoliko Nominated As New Attah Igala

Prince Okoliko | Photo by Summit Post News

The Aju Ameacho ruling clan has nominated Prince Opaluwa Okoliko to become the new Attah Igala in Kogi State.

The stool became vacant following the death of Idakwo Micheal Ameh Oboni, the Attah of Igala, few months ago.

The nominated young Prince had stint in the banking, aviation and education sectors over the years.

The eldest surviving persons of the ruling house, Chief Ogobi Okpanachi Emeje and Alhaji Ibrahim Inah Abutu who spoke to journalists in Lokoja at the weekend, said the nomination followed series of consultations among members of the clan, and that the decision was in line with Kogi State Government Gazette on the selection of Attah Igala.

Prince Opaluwa Okoliko has also been recommended and endorsed by elders and members from the four ruling houses of Aju Ameacho, Aju Akogu, Aju Akwu, and Aju Ocholi. Meanwhipe, the elder brother to Prince Okoliko, Engr. Opaluwa Ayegba, has also endorsed the nomination. Alhaji Ibrahim Ina Abutu who spoke on behalf of Aju Ameacho ruling clan said the clan was robbed of the throne in 1956 when they presented Prince Opaluwa Oguche (the grandfather of Prince Opaluwa Okoliko) for the stool of Attah Igala after going through the rituals of ascension but Aliyu Obaje was installed from Aju Akwu ruling clan.

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