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Refinery Rehabilitations: Minister Threatens To Hold NNPCL Accountable If…

Minister of State for Petroleum Resources (Oil), Chief Heineken Lokpobiri has threatened to hold the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL) accountable if there is failure in the completion of the nation’s refineries on the dates that have been fixed.
Speaking to newsmen at the Presidential villa in Abuja, the minister said that the good thing is that it’s the NNPCL itself that fixed the dates for the completion of the rehabilitations.
Lokpobiri said: “Yes, the rehabilitation of the refineries if you could remember, was started by the previous administration and as part of the President’s directive, I have gone round all the refineries and from what they have briefed me, Port Harcourt has three phases, so Phase 1  will be ready by the end of this year. I am not the one who is directly in charge of rehabilitation. It is the NNPCL and they have told me and I am holding them accountable.
“For Warri refinery, they said Phase 1 will be ready by the end of the year. Phase 2 and 3 in Port Harcourt will be ready next year and the whole of Kaduna refinery will be ready by the end of next year. That is what they said and I am holding them accountable to their own words.
“I will be going there in the next few weeks, I go there regularly and sometimes without schedule so that nobody plans for me. I just appear to see what is going on.
“I believe that those refineries  if we are able to achieve some level of rehabilitation by the end of this year it will also improve our domestic refining capacity. But that is not even the problem, Dangote refinery too is coming.
“We have a lot of modular refineries that we have given licenses but the challenge has been the feed stock. Even if you have the modular refinery do you have the crude to be able to refine?
“That is why I said unless we produce sufficient quantity, even if the refineries are rehabilitated there will be no feedstock. So my challenge is to ramp up production so that we can see how we can feed not only the big refineries but also the modular refineries, these are the real employers of Labour and they will do the magic.
“What I have done is to also liberalise the process to acquire licenses. Before I came they said sometimes it take so long to acquire licenses, so I said I don’t want to know your face provided the requirements are met, bring to me I will sign within 24 hours and I have signed them.
“I have also said I don’t want to give people licenses and they use it as souvenirs, if you are given a license you must use it within the terms or else I will cancel it. Just like I didn’t know you before signing the license, I will also cancel without blinking an eye.”
The NNPCL has been tasked with rehabilitating three refineries in the country to reduce fuel scarcity and increase dependence on natural gas.
Despite spending over $25 billion on fixing the refineries in the past 10 years, they were producing at less than 30 percent capacity, according to a report by the 9th National Assembly.
The report had called for a forensic audit of the matter and recommended that the Warri and Port Harcourt refineries be rehabilitated, and that the Kaduna refinery should also be subject to such treatment.
The Senate has constituted an ad-hoc committee to investigate the NNPCL over the N11.35 trillion spent on the Turn Around Maintenance (TAM) of the refineries. The committee was meant to interrogate the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources, the Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC), NNPCL, and the Bureau of Public Enterprises on the best approach to commercializing and ensuring profitability of the state-owned refineries.

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