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SAMOA Agreement Does Not Undermine Sovereignty Of Nigeria, Verdict According To NBA

“For the avoidance of any doubt, the SAMOA agreement does not, in any way, seek to compromise our existing legislations nor undermine the sovereignty of Nigeria.”
This is the position of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), dismissing claims and insinuations in some quarters that the Samoa Agreement, signed by the Federal Government, requires Nigeria to endorse or accept LGBTQ rights. NBA is made up of legal practitioners in Nigeria.
In a statement, the President of the Association, Yakubu Maikyau, stressed that the agreement does not compromise Nigeria’s sovereignty or existing laws, including the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act, 2023.
Yakubu Maikyau emphasized that the NBA would have advised the government against signing the agreement if it contravened any Nigerian laws.
He advised the government to continue public enlightenment on the agreement.
“I wish to state that there is no provision in the SAMOA agreement which requires Nigeria to accept or in anyway recognize LGBTQ or gay rights, either as a pre-condition for a loan of $150 Billion USD or at all.
“Instead, the agreement was expressly made subject to the local laws and the sovereignty of the contracting Nations. That is to say, the SAMOA agreement recognizes , for instance, Nigeria’s Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act, 2023 and of course, the Supremacy of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended).
“If this were not the case, the NBA would have since advised the Federal Government not to enter or engage in any form of partnership or agreement that has the ability to undermine the sovereignty of our nation in any way.
“It is important for all stakeholders, who have had the opportunity of engaging with Government on this agreement prior to its execution, and others who have read and understood the objective of the agreement to endeavour to educate the public on its true content.
“The negative narratives on this agreement are being pushed and propagated along very sensitive lines of our faith, culture and morality, thus the need for caution and proper education.
“I, therefore, call on the Government to continue with the public enlightenment already being undertaken and for other stakeholders to join in doing so, in order to counter the negative perception being promoted on the agreement.”

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