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Scavengers Allegedly Kill 3 In Abuja Over Pot Of Soup

Scavengers, popularly known as “baban bola”, have allegedly killed three residents of Byazhin community in Kubwa, Bwari Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja.
Eyewitnesses said that the victims include two women and a young boy.
According to a resident of the area, Jessica Adams, the scavengers attempted to steal a woman’s pot of soup, but was overpowered and beaten up after the woman alerted neighbours and passers-by.
The scavengers then went away, reinforced and returned at about 8pm yesterday night, May 14, wielding weapons, including machetes, clubs and stones and began to attack residents at random.
She said that the woman whose pot of soup was earlier stolen, was killed during the attack.
Two others, a woman and a young boy, reported to be passers-by who ran into the middle of the crisis, were also killed.
“They killed two people yesterday. The community has been in chaos since yesterday. “The crisis continued till this morning when they killed somebody again. “So far, three persons have been killed and many injured. The Police intervened and restored normalcy, but no arrest was made.
“The Police have intensified their patrol in the Byazhin area of Kubwa to prevent them from regrouping,” Adams said.
It was gathered that schools and shops in the area have been closed down, as parents scampered to pick up kids from their classrooms. Shops too were shut down yesterday.

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