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Senator Ndume Compares Hunger In Nigeria To Situation In War Devastated Countries

Senator Ali Ndume

Senator Ali Ndume, representing Borno South, has compared the level of hunger in Nigeria today to the situation in some war devastated countries.
Senator Ndume, in an interview with the BBC Hausa Service, warned that unless steps are taken against widespread hunger in the country, malnutrition would affect many in Nigeria and it has already affected children in the Northwest.
He said that a UN report had warned that 82 million Nigerians would find themselves hungry without food in the next five years.
”We are afraid one day a person may go to the market with money and be confronted with a situation where there won’t be food to buy.
“We have information from Katsina. If hunger persists, the children will suffer most, the children lack food for healthy growth.
“This is a situation you find in places where there is war or famine. We’ve seen how it happened in Niger and South Sudan where children have died. Now the situation is rearing its ugly head in Nigeria.”
Senator Ndume expressed worry that previously, government used to store food in Food Banks for emergency needs, but now it’s no more.
“This is a matter of serious concern and something should be done quickly about it.”
When he was asked why he would not meet the President and talk to him over such matters privately instead of talking to the media, Senator Ndume alleged that it is extremely difficult now as ”even some Ministers cannot see the President.“
According to him, even some members of Tinubu’s cabinet cannot see the President talk less of the lawmakers who would have liked to see him and discuss issues pertaining to their constituencies.

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