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There’ll Be No Crisis Amongst APC Members In National Assembly, Oyegun Assures

APC national chairman, Oyegun
APC national chairman, Oyegun

National chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief John Oyegun has given an assurance that the crisis festerin at the 8th Senate as a result of the controversial election of Seantor Bukola Sraki as Senate President would not last long.
“There will be no crisis I want to give you that assurance. We are very conscious of the fact that the national assembly is the separate arm of government and the constitution provides that they are the ones responsible for electing their own officers. All we have to do is provide for them a conducive environment of doing just that.”
Oyegun was responding to questions from newsmen at the State House today, shortly after he led members of the party’s National Working Committee (NWC) to congratulate the President on his electoral victory, which he said they delayed such visit because they wanted the President to be properly inaugurated.
Chief Oyegun said that the party had pledge its loyalty and determination to work with the President “through thick and thin. That he can always depend on the party that he can use as a platform to become president of this great nation.”
He acknowledged that expectations of Nigerians are extremely ‎high and that the public expects a totally new dawn, adding: “on that score, we told him we are with him. Mr. President, you will succeed because the entire party will be galvanised as one man behind you, to ensure that days into this presidency that Nigerians will indeed see that things are changing. All the problems cannot be solved in one day that you will flick to bring that kind of eventuality. But what Nigerians want is to be sure that we are getting it right and that we are on the proper path towards answering their long frustration towards ameliorating their condition and that is what they will get.”
On how long should Nigerians wait for the ministerial list to be made known, the APC chairman said that the President is committed to carrying the party along in everything that he does, adding that the party is very grateful for that.
“He has always been like that, he has put the party in the front burner in all the things he does at all times and he has continued to do that.”
On the security issues, Chief Oyegun said that Boko Haram insurgents are trying to test the President’s resolve, saying: “I have a feeling they will be in for surprises.”
He said that the first priority of President Buhari is to protect the lives of Nigeria for which he was elected
There is nothing like lives, he was elected to protect Nigerian lives ‎and that is even his first priority.  [myad]

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