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There’s Reason To Celebrate Despite Continued Suicide Bombing – Borno Governor

Borno-State-GovernorBorno State Governor, Alhaji Kashim Shettima has said that despite the continued suicide bombing in Borno state, there is cause for celebration against the background of the situation about two years ago.
The governor, who spoke to news men today, Monday, shortly after a meeting of Bama programme initiative, headed by Acting President Yemi Osinbajo at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, said: “if you juxtapose the sorry state of affairs two years ago with the current state of affairs, there is cause for celebration.
“To me personally, these suicide bombings are signs of weakness on the part of Boko Haram. Two years ago, they were holding on to 22 out of 27 local government areas of Borno state. They have been sufficiently decimated.
“I’m not under rating their capacity from the state but these are lunatics who basks on the opportunity of publicity to kill and maim so that they can get greater regard in the global Jihadist community.
“Definitely, we are also coming up with robust response towards addressing this issue of suicide bombing. We have challenges no doubt about it. I am not actually discounting that fact but when you put it in proper contest, you will see that a lot has been done. They have been sufficiently decimated so that they can no longer hold on to any territory in the Nigerian federation.”
Governor Shettima said that the essence of the Bama Initiative was to cross pollinate ideas on the rebuilding of the North East.
He said that the federal government has magnanimously decided to support the state in the Bama initiative, saying that it is a very beautiful pilot scheme “which we hope will be replicated in all parts of the devastated North East. Its an exploratory discussion and once it comes on stream you will be informed.”[myad]