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To Fight Terrorism, Nigeria’s First Lady, Remi, Wants World To Combat Forces Of Hatred

Nigeria’s First Lady, Senator Oluremi Tinubu has called on the people across the world to join in combatting hatred as a way of eliminating terrorism, with its devastating consequences.
Senator Oluremi, who performed the wreath laying ceremony in honor of the victims of the bombing of the United Nations Building in Abuja which occurred on August 26, 2011, called for a world where terrorism is effectively combatted.
She said that to achieve this, the global community must channel more energy towards fostering peace, promoting dialogue and combating the forces of hatred and division.
The First Lady insisted that the world must not only draw strength from the sacrifice of those serving the cause of peace, but must also recommit to the values of unity, understanding and cooperation that the UN represents.
“On this solemn occasion, we remember and honor the lives that were lost. I pay tribute to the dedicated individuals who were serving the cause of peace and development within the walls of UN building.
“Today we stand united in our resolve and determination to create a world where the principles of peace, justice and cooperation that the United Nations stands for are not merely ideals, but reality for all.”
She was joined by the Undersecretary General of UN, Office of Counterterrorism Valdimir Voronkov in performing the ceremony laying.
The Under Secretary General also harped on the need to build solidarity and provide support to victims of terrorism across the world as terrorism continues to threaten peace and security, leaving in its wake, hundreds of thousands of victims and survivors.
“The Federal Republic of Nigeria knows the consequences of terrorism within and around its borders all too well.
“Indeed, parts of Africa have experienced the highest impact of terrorism for many years.
“The United Nations itself is not immune from terrorism. Two weeks ago, we marked the 20thanniversary of the devastating attack on the Canal Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq, on 19 August 2003.”
The brief ceremony was witnessed by heads of some of the United Nations Agencies in Nigeria.

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