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Top Monarch, Ohinoyi Of Ebiraland, Dr. Ado Ibrahim Is Dead

In a somber moment for the Ebira people and the entire nation, the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland, Dr. AbdulRahman Ado Ibrahim, has breathed his last at the age of 94. The venerable monarch, who had been at the helm of Ebiraland’s traditional leadership, passed away in the early hours of Sunday, October 29, 2023, while under medical care at an undisclosed hospital in Abuja, following a brief illness.

Dr. AbdulRahman Ado Ibrahim, a well-known figure in both traditional and entrepreneurial circles, had presided as the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland since ascending the throne on June 2, 1997, following the demise of his predecessor, late Sanni Omolori.
He was the fourth independent traditional ruler, and his reign was marked by significant contributions to the culture and heritage of the Ebira people.

Born on February 7, 1929, Dr. AbdulRahman Ado Ibrahim was the son of the second attah (now “Ohinoyi”) of Ebiraland, Ibrahim Onoruoiza, from the Omadivi clan, who reigned from 1917 to 1954. Dr. Ibrahim’s legacy extended beyond his traditional role; he was also a distinguished entrepreneur and philanthropist. Notably, he oversaw the construction of his remarkable Azad Palace, which stands as a testament to his commitment to preserving the cultural heritage of Ebiraland.

Dr. AbdulRahman Ado Ibrahim’s educational journey was equally impressive. He began his academic pursuits in both Western nursery and Quranic schools before completing his primary education at the Native Authority (NA) primary school in Okene, Northern Region (now Kogi State) in 1940. His thirst for knowledge led him to Ondo Boys High School and later to Oduduwa College, where he graduated in 1949.
He furthered his education by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the London School of Economics in 1954, and in 1959, he secured a master’s degree from Harvard Business School.

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The passing of Dr. AbdulRahman Ado Ibrahim marks the end of an era in Ebiraland’s history. His contributions to the preservation of the Ebira culture, his dedication to education, and his unwavering commitment to the betterment of his people will be remembered for generations to come.

The nation mourns the loss of a distinguished traditional leader and visionary. Funeral arrangements are expected to be announced in due course, allowing the Ebira people and well-wishers to pay their respects to this eminent figure in Ebiraland’s history.

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