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Trouble Looms In Niger Delta: 2 ‘Generals’ – Tompolo, Ukparasia May Soon Clash

General AfricaTwo Niger Delta ‘Generals’- General Africa Ukparasia and General Government Ekpemu otherwise known as Tompolo, may soon clash over the recent vandalization and blow-up of oil installations in the region.

General Africa, who accused Tompolo of being he brain the vandalization and blow-up of the oil installation, told journalists in Abuja that he will not allow him ( Tompolo) to make the country ungovernable for the Buhari administration, warning him to desist from any further action against oil installations.

He recalled that before the 2015 general elections, Tompolo had vowed to make the country ungovernable for the Buhari government if former Goodluck Jonathan failed to win the presidential election, saying: “I want to state categorically that the Niger Delta Avenger is not a new group. It is Tompolo that is behind the group and what they are out to do is to carry out their threat to make the government ungovernable for the APC. We will not allow that to happen.

Tompolo“Tompolo is the person behind the attacks in the Niger Delta and so, Nigerians and people of the Niger Delta should not think that there is a new militant group. I am confirming that it is Tompolo that is behind the group. It is not a new militant group.

“It is Tompolo that is disturbing the peace of the people of the Niger Delta. So, I am warning him to stop the unnecessary action and stop disturbing this our government because the government is very sincere.

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“During the last government, nobody heard of the name Avenger causing problem and causing damages to our oil installations. But today, before the last election, Tompolo vowed and it was all over the media that if Jonathan does not win the election, he will make the incoming government ungovernable. That is what he is doing now. So, nobody should be surprised about what is happening now because if is Tompolo that is doing it.

“He promised that he will do that and it was all over the media. I have witnesses who can testify to this. Tell him I said so and I am sure he will not deny that.”

Speaking on the crisis in the Bayelsa state chapter of the party, General Africa asked the former governor of the state whom he described as the leader of the party in the state to correct his mistakes and allow peace to rein in the party.

He vowed to stop Silva from entering Bayelsa state if he failed to retrace his steps and allow the APC to grow in the state. [myad]

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