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While Nigeria’s Govt Releases 30 Terrorists, They Refuse To Release Train Captives, As Agreed

Nigeria’s Federal Government is worried that after releasing 30 detained terrorists in compliance with an agreement with the gang leaders, they have refused to honour their side of the agreement by releasing all the kidnapped passengers in an Abuja-Kaduna train attack on March 28, this year.

Information reaching us at Greenbarge Reporters online newspaper said that there was an agreement between the government and the leadership of the terror group behind the attack to swap the abducted train passengers with some arrested terrorists held in detention by Nigerian security agencies.

A highly-placed source in one of the intelligence agencies in Abuja said that the government took every possible step, but not including ransom payment to secure the release of the train hostages.

The source, who declined to give his name explained that the government adopted a swapping deal for the rescue of the train victims to avoid likely collateral damages from military operations.

According to him, the security service in an exchange programme released at least 30 detained family members of terrorists, mostly women and children.

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“In fact, a spouse who delivered twins in custody safely was handed over to her parents.”

But rather than abiding by the swapping deal, the terrorists, the source said, reneged and only released eleven passengers instead of all the 63 kidnapped victims

“Apart from reneging on the agreement, they were releasing victims in batches in the most dubious and compromising manner.

“They are now exploiting the situations to extort victims’ families for ransom payments, while other elements are exploiting the same for political gains.

“They are aware that we have the exact coordinates of their locations but we are not authorised to strike because of the fear of collateral damages that could trigger massive outcry by human rights activists and even the media if we succeed in doing so,” the source concluded.

Source: PRNigeria.


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