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When Adults Throw Stones In Market Square, By Yusuf Ozi-Usman

Yusuf Ozi-Usman
Yusuf Ozi-Usman

Perhaps, it is only in Nigeria that adults, whose children have grown up to also earn the status of adulthood would throw pure insults at one another in the name of politics with no shame at all.
Indeed, as the nation advances to 2015, another election year, there have been growing number of old people, and their younger counterparts throwing insults all over the place.
Just imagine for a start, this portion of the remarks by Chief Edewin Clark who has been around in Nigerian politics since the first Republic in the 60’s: “Let Nigerians decide (whether President Goodluck Jonathan should win the 2015 Presidential election; not people like the crooked Dr. Junaid Mohammed in Kano who believes his people are superior to all other Nigerians. Dr. Junaid Mohammed is a very irresponsible person who has no regard for decency and behaves like a hired thug.”
If in response, Dr. Junaidu heaped painful insults on a man that is supposed to be playing the role of statesmanship now, one wonders how his (Clark’s) children, who are now fully grown as adults, will feel.
As a matter of fact, the social media is now a market for Nigerians to throw insults at one another, mostly on the basis of tribe, religion and region.
Older or even oldest Nigerians and the intellectuals appear so frustrated and confused by the exigency of the moment that nothing else pleases them other than the usage of insultive words on fellow Nigerians at the slightest provocation.
Just as lives of Nigerians, to terrorists, ritual and hired killers, as well as other sundry sadists no longer worth more than that of lizards, insults are so common that even the son would throw them freely at his father whenever he feels provoked.
Must we return to the late 50’s when all that mattered in politics, for those who have dirty ambitions, is to throw stones in the market square, at whoever opposed them?
Are we this crude: both the young and the elders that are supposed to be the guiding lights?

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