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They Stole, Made Bold Face And Left, By Yusuf Ozi-Usman

Yusuf Ozi-Usman
Yusuf Ozi-Usman

A couple of weeks before the exit of President Goodluck Jonathan and his men and women from the governance of Nigeria, news went round that a head of his media team cornered two brand new Hias buses which were bought for the use of the staff of his department and newsmen attached to the Aso Rock. That he effectively registered them in private numbers instead of State House (SH) numbers and  diverted them to his personal (official) house.
The sources of the news were those who were supposed to be the direct beneficiaries of the Presidential vehicles. When they discovered that the media head was not making any move to return the buses to them, they ran to the media to make noise.
The news was published in some media, including the Greenbarge Reporters (click Here), not only with the details of the vehicles but also with their photographs.
Indeed, what was expected of the officer involved in this daylight thievery and looting, in a civilised or, more appropriately, in a decent climes, would have been for him to quietly return the vehicles to the Aso Rock for the use they were meant or, more appropriately too, resign for confirmed stealing.
But after the media expo, the officer reportedly pick quarrel with the workers directly under him. He was said to have raved, ranted and roared like a wounded lion. He was even reported to be frantically looking for the publishers and editors of the media that published the news about, apparently, the theft of the buses, to possibly tear them into pieces. He cursed under his panting breath!
What happened? The media team head refused or failed blatantly to bulged. He never made any move to return the two stolen buses and the last time I checked, just 24 hours before he checked out, the story was that he had the backing of the ‘man-on-the-top’ to keep the vehicles to himself or was it, to themselves?
Like play like play, they left the government and left without returning the brand new buses bought with the Aso Rock money, meant for the use of Aso Rock media staff and damned the consequences.
Their action is akin to what is known in crime world as stealing and being bold about it; shame thrown to the dog. Pronto!


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