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That President Jonathan’s Courageous Speech At UN Assembly By Yusuf Ozi-Usman

Nigerian President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Addressing UN General Assembly
Nigerian President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Addressing UN General Assembly

Two points came out outstandingly strong in an address presented on Tuesday before the assemblage of world leaders at the 68th Session of the United Nations General Assembly being held in New York, the United States of America.
The President was able to, in the first place, rob in the issue of nuclear weapons and amassing of same by some of the so-called powerful nations that are, tongue-in-cheek, crying wolf when the emerging smaller nations are acquiring the same weapons.
President Jonathan was able to drive the point home that acquisition of nuclear weapons is a great danger both to the countries that have them and those that are “onlookers.”
The issue is that when the devastating effect of such acquisition comes, it would consume both the owners and the innocent ones that have no hand in it.
To be sure, Nigerian leader made it clear that the threat which nuclear weapons pose to the survival of the human race is to be understood not just in the context of aspirational nations but also the nations already in possession of such weapons. In other words, the two commit the same offence.
“Nuclear weapons,” Jonathan said, “are as unsafe in the hands of small powers as they are in the hands of the major powers.”
He made it point blank that it is the collective responsibility of all the nations to heed to the clarion call for a peaceful universe in an age, like ours, that is filled with all manners of uncertainty.
President Jonathan expressed disturbance at situation in the Middle East with the report of chemical weapons in the Syrian crisis, saying that such situation is volatile and unacceptable.
“Nigeria condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the use of chemical weapons that are prohibited by International Conventions. We applaud the current diplomatic efforts to avert further escalation of the crisis.  We urge all parties involved to end the violence and seek a negotiated solution, including the instrumentality of the United Nations.”
President Jonathan made it clear that a world that is free of dangerous nuclear weapons can be attained if the nations of the world would adopt measures and policies that would promote nuclear disarmament and a push towards an international system that is based on trust, mutual respect and shared goals.
The second point which President Jonathan made clear to the world leaders is the current undemocratic structural composition of the UN Security Council.
The President said: “I believe that I express the concern of many about the slow pace of effort and apparent lack of progress in the reform of the United Nations, especially the Security Council. We believe strongly, that the call for democratization worldwide should not be for States only, but also, for International Organizations such as the UN. That is why we call for the democratization of the Security Council.
“This is desirable for the enthronement of justice, equity, and fairness; and also for the promotion of a sense of inclusiveness and balance in our world.”
These points are obviously directed at, particularly, the United States of America which has prided itself as self-styled police of the world. It is the United States that had, for long, been amassing all sorts of dangerous war arsenals, including chemical weapons with which it has been harassing the weaker countries.
The irony is that it is the same US that would shout and bemoan the accumulation of chemical weapons by smaller or weaker countries.
The US’s cry of wolf over the acquisition of Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) by Muamar Ghadaffi of Libya, which gave it the justification to engineer internal rebellion that led to the disgraceful death of Ghadaffi is just one out of many hypocritical showing of a self-styled super power.
As a matter of fact, if the US Congress and saner people around the world had not been asking the US government to be cautious in Syria, it would have since invaded that country, all with allegation that Syria is amassing chemical weapons.
Like President Jonathan said, a world in which power is seen as might and such power is used by the powerful nations to cow down the weaker ones, can never attain peace and tranquility.
Since God created all us truly equal, irrespective of colour, creed, nationality, we must all respect one another, else, the powerful ones would never be able to enjoy peaceful sleep. They would only continue to be busy killing the weaker ones until there are none to be so killed.
For, whether in the undemocratic structural composition of the UN Security Council or the acquisition of chemical weapons, what all the countries need is mutual respect for one another.
The world, those who pretend no to know should know, has grown beyond the 50’s. The world now should be the one in which no nation, no matter how small or weak, should be looked down on.

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