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A Call On Minister Wike To Clean Up Dirty Abuja, By Rashidat Yusuf

The issues that have shot to the front burner of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) lately are kidnapping, banditry and other vices. But the fundamental issue that has beclouded the nation’s capital for a long time now and which has been downplayed, has been the dirtiness in many corners of the city, even in unbelievable places.
The dirtiness, in a simple terms, come in different forms, including refuse dumps, flooding, erosion and eyesore sediments. It is as if refuse dumps have been officilized in the capital city.
Although the area that is referred to as city centre – the main Abuja Municipal and parts of Maitama and Asokoro – can be said to be fairly well kept, but nearby areas and, indeed, many satellite towns around the Area Councils leave much to be desired and are irritative.
For instance, Gwagwalada, which is the main entrance to the capital territory through Lokoja in Kogi State, is practically an eyesore.
As a matter of fact, most first timers to Abuja coming through Lokoja would be forced to wonder if really Gwagwalada is part of the much talked about “prestigious city of Abuja.”
Zuba too, which is the next town, a few kilometres to the main city, from Kaduna axis, does not present a different picture from the Gwagwalada axis.
As you move into the main city through Dei Dei axis, you are confronted by God-forbidden environmental degradation. As you approach the main city through Gwagwa and Karimo Idu axis, you get more and more into the dirtiness and it makes you to wonder whether Abuja is still far away from you, whereas you are already deep into the heart of the city.
Same thing around Kubwa, which effectively welcome you into what obviously looks like a slum city.
It is obvious from the dirts that have overtaken most of the city that FCT is in dare need of a well coordinated and effective environmental cleaning systems to bring about the real beauty of the capital city.

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It is these bungling of the environment that Minister Nyeson Wike should necessarily direct his attention to. He needs to focus on places like Bwari, Kuje, Gwagwalada, Abaji, Kwali and Abuja Municipal area council ( AMAC). All these satellite towns or Area Council headquarters in particular are begging for attention. And the workaholic minister Wike need to quickly swing into action on this.
Rashidat Yusuf wrote from Abuja.

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