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A Trash Called Fayose And His Leaking Mouth In Civilised Nigeria, By Mathew Olufemi

File photo: Ekiti state Governor, Ayodele Fayose standing at the court premises in Ekiti state
File photo: Ekiti state Governor, Ayodele Fayose standing at the court premises in Ekiti state

Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose has a foul mouth that leaks offensive odour. He thinks that the democracy we practice and the observance of fundamental human rights in the system give him absolute freedom to open his mouth and emit all kind of rubbish against all kind of people, especially the leaders, without any challenge.
In fact, he has been on the street since the last campaign period, like a vagabond, insulting, attacking and destroying first, anything that has to do with Muhammadu Buhari who later floored his party’s candidate, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to become Nigeria’s President.
He it was who, like a typical motor park tout, not only called Buhari all sort of names, including death wish, but frightened a hell out of the people around Buhari with threat of physical combat, even if on the street.
Many people, including yours sincerely, who was familiar with the dirty manner in which campaigns are carried out in some parts of Africa, excused Fayose on that basis: that he was one of those who belonged to the dirtiest part of the political games in Nigeria. He really is!
After all, if a full grown man, like Fayose would spare nothing to openly insult a national leader and one of the leading statesmen in Nigeria today, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, pray, who would he spare?
Of course, Fayose can go on insulting and even physically fighting people he believes have all the time in this world to go into motor park with him, but his recent display of ignorance as to how government works even as he himself is running a small portion of it in Ekiti state smacks of a man whose soul has been seized by evil forces or the devils.
Fayose, still rolling in absolute ignorance and drunkenness (of ogogoro), asked President Buhari to probe people like Bola Ahmed Tinubu and other leaders of All Progressives Congress (APC) before he thinks of probing former President Jonathan and members of his team.
Of course, for lack of good stories nowadays, many media organizations gave him their precious space, with even some of them making such pathological ignorance prominence.
But, just as a tip of an ice barge, a permanent secretary in the federal ministry of Transport, Alhaji Mohammed Bashari just, yesterday, August 10, opened a can of worms: of how the Goodluck Jonathan government obtained a foreign loan of $1.005 Billion (over N200 Billion) for the construction or rehabilitation of rail line from Lagos to Kano ended up elsewhere. They referred to it diplomatically as “diversion.”
The permanent secretary, who presented the score-card of the ministry (that was obviously used as one of the numerous platforms, ala NNPC, to milk Nigeria, mainly to fund the ill-fated Jonathan Presidential campaign), said that what remained of the whooping over N200 Billion in the custody of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s ministry of finance’s fat cow, is a pitiful $400 Million (less than N 80 Billion).
Now, the question for Fayose: would he still ignorantly ask President Buhari to first probe somebody like Ahmed Tinubu before going ahead to probe this glaring rape and robbery of the Nigeria’s collective patrimony? Is Fayose and his fellow travellers in ignoramus saying that Buhari should first probe Amaechi, Rochas Okorocha, etc on how they acquired the jets that conveyed him (Buhari, for the Presidential campaign) before he now goes ahead to look into how the NNPC finances were plundered with impunity?
As a matter of fact, people with good conscience would openly shed tears when the full story of how the political and economic parasites around former President Jonathan stole the nation blind, I dare say, including Fayose himself, who benefited from the billion of naira and dollars dished out to favourable PDP “leaders” to distribute to selected traditional rulers, religious leaders, youth leaders, women leaders and all manner of scavengers that brought the nation’s economy to its knee.
If anything, this is the time people like Fayose should keep his leaking, drunken and motor-park mouth shut and pray, so that his tracks would be covered by the devil he serves. This is the time Fayose should pretend even if pretension, that he is a civilized person; that he has slightly improved from his days of motor touting, motor park brawls and shouting to block the ears of the next door neighbours.
Whoever foisted Fayose on the good people of Ekiti must have done a great disservice them, and caused them not only eternal shame but serious havoc; psychologically, politically, economically, socially, ideologically, pathologically, mathologically and so on and so forth.
After all, Fayose ought to have been co-habiting with his likes in the Ekiti jungle and not Ekiti town, much more, Ekiti government House.
What an unfortunate situation! [myad]


  1. I am very sure you are not suggesting that Tinubu Obasanjo are criminally free from the looting of Nigeria treasures like Ameachi and Rojas you made mention of, I wonder why you did not put up a brilliant write up like this during the reign of obsanjo and the likes you mention or they are saints with no stains, for me they are all gullible including former president Jonathan.

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