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Atiku’s Desperate Quest For Tinubu’s School Records Raises Eyebrows, By Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah 

In a twist of events, U.S. District Judge has wisely granted President Tinubu’s request to delay an order that would have compelled Chicago State University (CSU) to hand over certain academic documents related to his graduation. 
Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room – Atiku Abubakar’s demand for Tinubu’s personal school records. It’s got many of us scratching our heads and wondering: What’s the real deal here?
First things first, we’ve got to recognize that releasing someone’s personal records without their consent is a big no-no. It’s not just frowned upon; it’s often illegal. There’s a reason for this – privacy rights. Whether it’s academic transcripts, disciplinary records, or any other personal data, these are usually protected by law.
Educational institutions are like vaults for this kind of information, and they’re entrusted with safeguarding students’ privacy. Unauthorized disclosure can harm the individual and damage trust. There are exceptions, sure, like in legal or safety situations, but there’s usually a whole lot of red tape to cut through before anything gets released.
So, let’s get back to Atiku’s demand for Tinubu’s school records. Why does he want them? Some say it’s to check if Tinubu’s got the right academic qualifications. Fair point, right? Well, not so fast.
It’s essential to clarify that academic records, like certificates, are typically demanded for employment purposes. Tinubu, in line with this practice, submitted his certificates to INEC during his candidacy for public office. However, the demand for his academic records by Atiku, an individual, raises eyebrows.

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Firstly, Tinubu isn’t the custodian of Atiku’s educational records, so the idea of reciprocity is puzzling. It’s not within Tinubu’s purview to possess Atiku’s certificates, and therefore, Atiku’s demand for his educational records seems misplaced.

Moreover, both parties find themselves embroiled in a legal dispute. In such a scenario, it would be unwise for Tinubu to provide evidence that Atiku is actively seeking to use against him. It’s a bit like handing your opponent the playbook before a crucial match – an action that could have serious consequences in a fiercely contested legal battle.
In essence, President Tinubu’s reluctance to release his academic records to Atiku is not about hiding anything; it’s about upholding principles of privacy, legality, and fair play in the legal proceedings.
In this high-stakes game, one must play their cards carefully, and Tinubu’s decision to protect his academic records is a strategic move in a complex chess match. For now, it seems like Atiku’s quest might need a bit more scrutiny.
Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah is the Chairman and CEO of Bush Radio Academy.

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