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Dr. Mariya Bunkure, Minister Designate, And A Date With History, By Shehu Salisu

Her name may not ring any bell in the political chess boat of Nigeria’s polity. She is also not genealogically tied to either the super-rich clan or any royal dynasty in northern Nigeria. She is like any other imaginative young girls from the so called conservative north but with strong grassroots attribute.
However, divine providence has rewarded her enduring services to humanity with a ministerial slot. She is Dr Mariya Mahmoud Bunkure, one of the two ministerial nominees from Kano State successfully screened and confirmed by the Senate on Monday.
Dr. Bunkure was born to a middle class family from a moderately rustic Bunkure Local Government Areas of Kano. But, unlike many of her ilk in a rural northern Nigeria, she braced herself and successful navigated the doorsill of life to fame. This unwavering lady has today carved a niche for herself, her family and her community as an accomplished medical doctor and an advocate of women empowerment.
Her incredible credentials, fascinating achievements and grassroots tie could have been the rationale why President Bola Ahmed Tinubu pencilled her down to serve in the Federal Executive Council. Surely, she is bringing to the table 18-year experience in medicine, administration, advocacy for women empowerment and girl-child education; variables needed to bring the traction for the successful implementation of the bold agenda of the new administration.
Indeed, her nomination is not because she is lonely highly competent and trustworthy feminine from Kano, but because of her strong connection with her community. Her footprints in her community and Kano State are incredibly remarkable.
The story of her life goes back four decades, having been born in Bunkure Local Government Area of Kano State in 1976; she attended Bunkure Gari Primary School, Girls Science College, Garko and subsequently obtained her MBBS from Bayero University, Kano in 2005. She was then deployed to Plateau State for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).
True to a determined young girl with strong desire to reach the pinnacle of her chosen profession, she braced the storm to become a consultant in family medicine at the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital.
Unknown to many, traces of her commitment and innovative skills at Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital were covertly noticed and admired by the administration of former governor Abdullahi Ganduje and that earned her appointment as commissioner for Higher Education and she performed wonderfully well in reinvigorating the state’s tertiary education system which provided opportunity for many young people to continue with their education in the state.
In addition to her stint with the administration of Ganduje, who is by providence the newly elected National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), she ventured into politics at the grassroots and soon rose to become women leader and a model to many girls in Bunkure. 
Dr. Bunkure is a strong advocate for women empowerment and education. She is a member of several women organizations and has been an advocate for girl-child education. Her passion for girl-child education earned her enormous respect in Kano. This could be the reasons why her nomination elicited massive jubilation in Bunkure and Kano. 
The elation was extended to the red chamber where Dr Bunkure further proved her mettle before the 10th Senate thereby debasing doubting Thomases and merchants of lies whose stock in trade is to manufacture falsehood against rising stars from kinfolk other than theirs. Her sterling composure at the ministerial screening further reinforced her competence in assisting the President to deliver on his bold reform agenda. 
While praising her nomination, Deputy Senate President Barau Jibrin (APC, Kano North), described the lady as one of Kano’s best who despite family socio-economic status was  able to become a doctor from the so-called conservative north.
He noted that Dr Bunkure earned the position due to her commitment to democracy at the grassroots and dedication to work. He also prayed for his children to emulate her and we all do.
In addition to the accolade, she has proved her worth and the hallowed chambers had no option on that fateful Monday but allow her take a bow and go into the Federal Executive Council. Congratulations!
Now with the unanimous confirmation as a minister designate, I urge our amazon to remain a good ambassador of Kano and north in general and should not rest on her oars for there would be more serious tasks ahead.
 Salisu Shehu wrote from Hotoro, Kano State via salisums@gmail.com , 08035988761.

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