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Minister Wike, Is Zuba In Your Agenda? By Rashidat Yusuf

There has been this wide spread perception that Zuba is part of Niger State because of its overlapping nature with the State. But, in reality, it is part of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).
However, it is one of the unfortunate parts of the FCT that still lacks any form of basic amenities to qualify it as being part and parcel of the capital city.
Zuba shares boundary with Niger State with the border town of Madalla. Madalla is populated mainly by workers of the FCT.
So too, Zuba houses the most prestigious rock in West Africa: “the Zuma rock.”
Those who live in Zuba have no reason to even tell their relatives back home that they are in Abuja. This is because there is nothing in Zuba to show any relationship with Federal Capital Territory.
Unlike Kwali Area Council that has Federal establishments, such as the National Mathematical Centre, and the Federal Government College, Zuba has none.
In the early days of the Capital Territory, the then zuba motor park was a beehive of activities. It served as the entry point for travellers from the South to Abuja.
A visit to the park now shows its a complete shadow of itself. Only yam sellers are there, with heaps of yam being sold at dozen price.
Else where in Zuba is fruit Market. On daily and weekly basis, fruits, including plantains are brought to Zuba from various parts of the country ..
Filt is the hallmark of Zuba: as you approach the town from the Abuja metro, you are greeted with refuse, loaded around the road corridors. Culverts meant for drainages are filled up with refuse dumps. So also are pockets of refuse all over the places.
As a matter of urgency, the Federal Capital Territory Authority (FCTA) needs to wade in quickly and address the challenges facing this town, which ought to benefit from the centre because of its proximity.
The FCT Minister, Chief Nyeson Wike will do well by going on a working visit to Zuba to personally assess its sorry state.  Such visit will give the minister of the idea on how best to swiftly move into action to transform the town into a possible investment destination.
Rashidat yusuf wrote in from Abuja and can be reached on

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