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What Does Prince Abubakar Audu Want Again? By Emmanuel Okeji Asojo

Prince Abubakar Audu
Prince Abubakar Audu

The Nigerian Political domain is free for all comers; it is only those who can play the game well that succeed at the end of the day. Some politicians, who have looted the treasury, believe that at all times; they are relevant while forgetting certain basic facts in the environment where they seek power.
Since the creation of Kogi State over 20 years ago, one ethnic group has continued to lord it over the other two senatorial districts by rotating it among themselves. Having completed that rotation order, the same group has charted another course for the rotation in a new cycle.
While the Central and West produce about 92% of the internally generated revenue, the East can only boast of about 8%. Yet, the resources are not fairly distributed, rather, over 85% of the IGR and the state’s shares of the monthly Federation Account are used to service the East.
One interesting thing about Kogi State is that the East, where the Governor comes from, is somehow impoverished as one can hardly notice meaningful development.
Unfortunately, the Central, where the Speaker comes from, is totally neglected. The Speaker has only learned the art of using his hammer to stamp budgets without asking questions on what is due to his area and the West.
We have got to a stage where the West and Central now see the actions of the East as a great insult. Without prejudice to the non-implementation of the National Conference report, the East should realize that they are working toward an unimaginable tsunami in the state.
What does Prince Abubakar Audu want again?
What is it that he lost and has not found? Since the beginning of Governor Wada administration, Prince Audu has been wearing the skin of PDP. When Wada celebrated two years in office, he openly and jointly cut the anniversary cake with Governor Idris Wada.
As soon as APC was formed, Audu, by virtue of the new party’s constitution, assumed the leadership of the party, lording it over everyone arrogantly. And before the presidential primary, he was working for Governor of Kano State to be the APC presidential flag bearer. During this time, Audu refused to attend any functions that would see General Buhari in attendance. As soon as Buhari clinched the ticket, he started working for his return as Governor by sponsoring billboards, press statements and interviews. He caused some political problems for APC aspirants in the state in course of his desire to get a structure for his ambition.
If APC is actually ready to fight corruption, it should not field candidates with questionable characters, people with EFCC cases so it will not go the way of PDP, the party that fields and appoints people that are known worldwide to be having many skeletons in their cupboards. The APC should be very careful of people who have joined the party with stolen wealth which they have come to display in Buhari administration.
All said and done, General Buhari and Prince Abubakar Audu had once sojourned in ANPP and they are very familiar with each other.
As a leader in APC,  Prince Audu had had the opportunity of receiving governorship candidates introduced to him by the highly placed with a view to supporting them but unknown to the big shots and the aspirants, Prince Audu has been plotting against them because of his inordinate ambition.
The havoc Audu has caused to APC in Kogi State is enormous. We have just learned that primaries were not held for the three senatorial seats in Kogi which APC has already won. We pray this situation will not be the beginning of APC doom in Kogi State. This same problem exists in some constituencies in the state as primaries were not held. And this ugly trend has already given rise to litigations.
APC has credible candidates in all the districts of Kogi State and Prince Abubakar Audu and his money cannot drive them to sleep.
He should now behave like a father that he claims to be rather than continue to look for something that he has since lost to the vultures.
A word is enough for the wise.

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