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Organized Labour’s Strike Not National Strike But National Attack, By Reno Omokri

Omokiri Reno

This is not a National Strike. This is a National Attack by the most politically exposed and partisan NLC President ever.
Do you know how many premature babies will die today because Joe Ajaero and his NLC shut down the National Grid? How many hospital emergency patients will perish?
Ajaero is in cahoots with Peter Obi. And this is about 2027. Which country have you heard of where they shut down the National Grid as part of a strike? If there is a fire or emergency somewhere, what do we do? Nigerians ought to stand up against Joe Ajaero. He is taking the country down with him!
How does shutting down the National Grid and putting Nigerians in darkness help the economy or workers? Aso Rock has generators. So does the National Assembly. Even Joe Ajaero has generators and is enjoying air conditioning. It is you that heat is finishing in your house. Meanwhile, factories cannot produce, and the economy is contracting.
What you may not understand is that Federal civil servants are less than 0.3% of the population. If the NLC insists on an unreasonable ₦494,000 a month minimum wage, all that the FG will do is go on a massive sacking spree.
The people who will suffer are the private sector, who employ more than 65% of Nigeria’s workers. Obviously, they will not be able to pay ₦494,000 a month and run their businesses profitably. So, they will increase prices for those not working and sack their workers, increasing unemployment.
The NLC under Joe Ajaero knows that. They do not care. As long as they can sabotage the government and our economy to make Peter Obi look good, they will do it. It is all about 2027. It is not about you!

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