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Rev Hassan Kukah, A Poisonous, Odoriferous Hypocrisy, By Michael Ogueke

Bishop Mathew Hassan Kukah

Rev. Mathew Hassan Kukah is the limit of odoriferous hypocrisy and deception. His sickening desperation, highly unbecoming of a servant of God is becoming dangerously poisonous to our peaceful coexistence as a nation.

Kukah is the Bishop of the Catholic diocese of Sokoto. Sokoto, is the seat of the Caliphate and headquarters of Islam in Nigeria, yet no one has denied him and his congregation in Sokoto their freedom of speech and worship.
But each day, he will find a satanic cause and lie to mislead millions of his members and the international community of an Islamic agenda by President Muhammadu Buhari, his administration and the Northerners, all with the wicked and desperate intent to stir discontent for the present administration.
Since his party was defeated in 2015 and 2019 elections and the 16 years looting collaboration between religious and political leaders shattered by Mai Gaskiya, he has never hidden nor relented in his divisive efforts to burn down this country.
Pray, who is Islamizing who and who is Christianizing who?
There is no town in the southeast and South South apart from some part of Edo state that you will see more than five mosques, at most 10. Islamic primary, secondary and tertiary institutions are virtually non-existent in any of their towns and villages. But there is no major town in the 19 Northern states you don’t have up to 1,000 churches and hundreds of christian owned primary and secondary schools attended even by children and  wards of Muslims.
Yet, we don’t hear the Muslims cry of Christianization or Christianity invasion.
The likes of Kukah, CAN and all the ethnic socio-cultural umbrella bodies in Nigeria have repeatedly, through their activities and utterances, demonstrated that they are our biggest security challenges, worst than Boko Haram and should all be proscribed before they destroy this nation.
We cannot continue to allow this deliberate wicked mischief by religious, political and tribal leaders, who ordinarily should be guiding us aright but for greed and filthy lucre, have chosen to ruin the nation if they can’t have their criminal ways.

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