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The Sorry State Of Our Time, By Engr. A. M Adua

Queen Elizabeth and Tafawa Balewa
Queen Elizabeth and Tafawa Balewa

Sometimes I used to sit down at one corner of my room in the middle of the night and ruminate over the problems facing Nigeria. Most times, my head cannot contain the problems and at the end, I often conjure up with many questions that have no answers.

Sometimes, it is better not to know than to know because the more you know certain things the more they affect you psychologically. The past has gone but the memory remains with us. Whenever I see what our leaders are doing, my heart bubbles and I get infuriated.
As leaders, they have the power and ability to change our sorry state to a real world of modern technology, but unfortunately for us, they pay us back by creating Boko Haram.
Our leaders have failed us woefully. Those are they who got free and compulsory qualitative education, free and secured learning and conducive environment; they were employed immediately after graduating. Some of them married in their early 20s.
Some of them did not wear shoes. And now they find themselves in the mantle of leadership and appear to have turned our country into a war zone. They make corruption an official system of our country even as they would argue that stealing is not corruption. They are worse than our colonial masters because our colonial masters stolen our resources and built their country but our leaders are taking our resources out of the country to invest in other country and leave millions of our unemployed youth stranded, looking for jobs that don’t exist at all.
Our youths are hopeless, with no future. They are forced to continually editing their birth certificates to change their age, thinking that they will get employment. They are not even thinking of marriage at the age of 35 or 40 because of the unfavorable condition they find themselves in.
Many of such youths are being trained to be thugs instead of Doctors or Engineers. They are trained to be assassins instead of care givers; they are trained to be drugs pushers instead of pharmacists; they were trained to be rivals instead of brothers’ keepers; they have succeeded in creating enmity between us.
Where are we heading to? Do we have future? Is Nigeria a failed state? My brothers, we need answers to these questions.

This piece was sent by Engineer Abba M. Adua

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