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The Trajectory Of Robust 10Th Nigerian Senate, By Aminu Ebon

A Frontline American (Wisconsin) Republican, a Senator named Joseph R. McCarthy once posited: “Sustainable parliamentary goals aimed at enhancing accelerated development of the State can easily be achieved when conducted  under a peaceful, mutual and dynamic system.”
It has generally been acknowledged that the trajectory of the robust 10th Senate of  the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the leadership of Senate President, Godswill Obot Akpabio, is undoubtedly in agreement with Senator Joseph R. McCarthy’s assertion.
The robust legislations initiated by the leadership of the 10th Senate are generally seen as the right steps in the right direction. This refreshing development is anchored on the composition of the 10th Senate.
Unlike past Senate Assemblies, the 10th  Senate  has 8 different political parties disposing them to view matters  in all shades and  perspectives. Therefore, the best roadmap  for the 10th Senate to accomplish its  desired legislative goals is by conducting its  affairs in an exceptionally  harmonious and exceedingly dynamic way.  This is the path distinguished Senate President Akpabio’s leadership is towing.
This is evident in the conduct of well coordinated,  peaceful and understanding  Senate plenaries through motions, bills and rancour free debates.
To say that the 10th Senate under the leadership of Senate President Godswil Akpabio is not only working hard towards  the realization of legislative goals but is aiming at enhancing the development agenda of President Tinubu’s  renewed hope for greater Nigeria is stating the obvious in a rather modest way. Akpabio is an embodiment of nationalistic fervour and the undercurrents of his conviction are eloquent in the manner he is steering the 10th Senate.
It is therefore important to advise some unpatriotic elements who take passion in distracting the 10th Senate through some misleading stories to refrain from such unproductive venture. Events of recent times,  even from the inauguration of the 10th Senate shows that the current Senate means well for Nigerians. All I can sue for is patience and understanding among Nigerians; conditions that provide an atmosphere for accelerated development.
AIhaji Aminu Ebong wrote in from Abuja.

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