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There Would Have Been Second Civil War If Peter Obi Had Won, By Reno Omokri

If Peter Obi had won the #NigerianElections2023, or at the Presidential Election Petition Court, there would have been a civil war in Nigeria.
This is because he and his Obidients were just too arrogant and were already recreating, and would have further recreated the events that led up to the Nigerian Civil War. Let me explain:
During the elections, there was nothing they did not do, including cyberbullying, threatening, abusing, insulting, name-calling, accusing, hounding, targeting, ganging up, mocking, caricaturing, and harassing anyone who refused to support them. I did not say anyone who was fighting them. No. Anyone who refused to support them. They made minimal attempts to be persuasive. It was just nogbu nzogbu, enyimba enyi!
They had a warped sense of entitlement that you must support Peter Obi, and if you did not, then you are supporting a “wrong candidate” (the exact words they used).
They were more fascistic than Mussolini. In terms of education, Peter Obi is at the bottom of the barrel, with his second-class degree in Philosophy. You can’t compare him to a PhD in Water Engineering (Kwankwaso), a Master’s with Distinction in International Relations (Atiku) and a BSc in Accounting (Tinubu). Joseph, have the fear of God and answer this question-am: Am I lying?
In terms of achievements in office, as vice President, Waziri Atiku led the National Economic Council, which paid off our entire foreign debt to the Bretton Woods institution and gave us a 7% GDP consistent annual growth rate. As Governor, Tinuhu built new cities from scratch, ports, rail infrastructure, roads, hospitals l, industries, independent power stations, paid civil servants, and mentored men like Osinbajo, Fashola, Aregbesola, Fayemi, Akabueze and co, who are now movers and shakers. He also increased Lagos’s internally generated revenue by 360%.
In contrast, when asked about his flagship achievement in office, Peter Obi pointed to a brewery, which has been proven to be a loss-making enterprise. Although he invested in schools already built, for which I applaud him, he did not build a single new school.
But he was the right candidate, and anyone who did not support him must be pilloried.
What led to the Nigerian Civil War? It began with the January 15, 1966 coup at which Majors Emmanuel Ifeajuna, Chukwuma Nzeogwu, Chris Anuforo, and Don Okafor killed political and military leaders from every region of Nigeria except theirs.
Major Adewale Ademoyeg was involved with the plotting but not the killing, unlike the others who participated in the massacre.
And in 2023, after Peter Obi lost, prominent Obidients with direct ties to Peter Obi were openly calling for a military coup to restore Obi’s mandate. These guys have learned nothing!
And that was only one reason for the civil war. The other reason was the arrogance and caricaturing of other Nigerians by supporters of Majors Nzeogwu and Ifeajuna (the coup leaders) after the coup.
Soon after the coup, some of their supporters printed almanacs with caricatures insulting prominent Northern, Western and Mid-Western leaders.
In one of the almanacs, Chukwuma Nzeogwu was shown with his leg on top of Sir Ahmadu Bello’s head. Interestingly, in that almanac, Ahmadu Bello’s head was put on the body of a goat.
Those almanacs outraged Northerners and made them turn against the Aguiyi Ironsi-led government.
In February of 1966, a famous Igbo highlife maestro named Celestine Ukwu released a song titled Ewu Ne Ba Akwa, meaning ‘the goat is crying’.
Rightly or wrongly, other Nigerians believed that that song was mocking the killing of the late Sardauna by Nzeogwu. That song and the almanac mocking the Sardauna ignited a pogrom against Igbos in the North. And things eventually descended to civil war.
Is that not what happened in 2023? Were Obidients not caricaturing those who refused to support Peter Obi? I personally was caricatured. Waziri Atiku, Bola Tinubu and their supporters were also caricatured. New Celestine Ukwu songs of 2023 were composed to insult those who supported other candidates instead of their right candidate.
And just as their leaders did not caution them in 1966, so did Peter Obi not caution them in 2022/23. There was no low or dirty thing they did not do, including publishing the photos of Justice Tsamani’s children along with threats to kill them (as they did with my then one-year-old daughter) and recruiting
Rufai Oseni to lie against me and others.
And then there was the Yes Daddy leaked audio, which revealed their true intention for the Muslim Ummah.
History does not repeat itself. Irresponsible people repeat history and then blame history for repeating itself. Peter Obi is one of such people, and I urge Nigerians to remember what he and his supporters stand for. Never forget. Keep that memory fresh. Because Peter and his horde will think we have forgotten and will try to hoodwink us in 2027. We must not fall for it.

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