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Whoever Wants To Bring Down America Should Remove War, By Chua Qinling

The biggest threat to the United States of America is not China, but peace.
World peace will put an end to the American dollar empire built around war, the war economy, and war trade.
When there is peace in the world, Americans will be lost.
They will not know what to do, as many of those who are employed simply to incite wars and use their tools will be unemployed.
The entire military-industrial complex will be out of business.
All US military bases in the world will be redundant, as will all aircraft carriers, military aircraft, intercontinental ballistic missiles, weapons of mass destruction, and all supporting war industries.
Employment will become the number one problem in the United States When the American war machine is idle due to inadequacy, all CIA operators will be out of work.
All fake news about threats and enemies will become jokes.
The military budget of nearly a trillion US dollars would be completely prohibitive without wars and without enemies.
When there is peace in the world, Americans will have to create jobs for themselves, to make themselves useful again as responsible people, not warmongers and murderers, not war merchants.
There will be no one to buy the expensive war machine, and no need for military bands also known as allies.
Americans denounced the recent peace agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia brokered by China, describing it as a threat to American interests.
The Americans are all ready to break this peace agreement.
This is how evil the Americans are, all ready to make war or not and against peace.
Peace is against the interests of Americans, an evil empire that thrives on wars and instability and sells weapons to kill and destroy in wars.
The Americans denounced China’s proposal for a ceasefire in Ukraine and the start of peace negotiations, and the Americans also said that there can be no ceasefire.
The people of the world have woken up to the evil of the Americans. Everyone wants peace except the Americans.
Only the blind and foolish still support the evil warmongering Americans and their evil ways.
Chua Qinling is a Chinese writer and wrote the article on March 24, 2023.

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