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2015 Election Indicator Points To Disunity’ – Senator Babafemi Ojudu

Babafemi Ojudu
Senator Babafemi Ojudu is a veteran journalist, a politician representing Ekiti Central Constituency under All Progressives Congress (APC). This fearless media practitioner-turned-politician in this interview, fired salvos on several fronts relating to ‘State of Nigeria polity, 2015 Elections, Economy and chances of survival of Africa’s most populous nation during and after the election.’

How will you describe the present political atmosphere in Nigeria?

It is very charged. So much tension. It promises both hope and doom.

Do you foresee chaos among politicians, before, during and after the 2015 Elections?
Anything is possible. We only pray we get right.

Are you predicting a lot of legal fireworks as in Court appeals to several election results?
This will certainly happen. This is when candidates will dispute the outcome of the elections and it will be time for lawyers to make money

What is your fear over the 2015 Elections?
It could make or mar, unite or disunite the country, give hope or offer despair. We are calling on both the people in government as well as the opposition to play by the rules so that our people will not end up fighting one another and the country destroyed. We definitely have a date with destiny.
Do you see this election unite us or divide us as a nation?
All indications point to disunity. The country has never been this divided on ethnic and religious line. Many are optimistic that we shall pull through. That Nigeria has always managed to pull through whenever it found itself in this kind of situation. The pessimists are however of the opinion that whichever way the election go we are in for a long dark night.

What is your take on rising Inflation in Nigeria?
The economy is in a bad shape. The managers are interest with the people and with themselves. We need new hands and not new pairs of gloves to deal with the problem.

In 2015, what are your political aspirations?
I am out of aspiration in this electoral season. I am taking a break. Let me however assure you that I will be back. Nigeria , for me, is too important to be dumped and abandoned by forces for positive change. I am involved in the ongoing struggle for change but I am not contesting for any post.

Do you support the belief that General Buhari will make a better President than Jonathan after the election?
Oh yes! I am convinced he will. Any average Nigerian will. The regime is a disaster. Jonathan does not offer any hope . He doesn’t inspire. He is lackluster and clueless. Nigeria has disintegrated badly under him. We need a change to give back confidence to the people and offer hope for a better future.

There are fears that Buhari will jail Jonathan and other Ministers as President-elect. What is your view?
I do not think so. While everyone who has committed economic crimes should not be allowed to go unpunished I do not see a President Buhari witch hunting any innocent person. He will be too busy reconstructing than chasing after other people. [myad]

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