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As Ododo Takes Kogi Govt Driving Seat – Open Letter, By Yusuf Momohjimoh Ondeku

I am particularly happy that you have finally assumed the position of governor in our dear State. My happiness stems from the fact that you have served the same state for eight good years as the Auditor-General for local governments under the leadership of His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello.

It is quite fitting that you are now the governor, an opportunity to take the driving seat of the state all by yourself for the next dispensation.
Having come so far and rising still, I have no doubt that you know that Kogi State is dynamic and diverse. You know that the people of Kogi State aspire to take on all round prosperity from your administration.
The administration of His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello was modest in its means, but not in its values. You should be more modest in your words and policy, but not in your performance.
The true measure of success of His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello was not in too many promises, but in the much he delivered feasibly for the people of the state.
Given the enduring purposes and inspiring principles of your immediate predecessor, especially on security and development, if you truly mean well for this government of consolidation and continuity, you need not shout its praises or preach its virtues. You simply need to live them every day: step by step, policy by policy and program by program, without much fanfare.
Your Excellency, the surge in demand for governorship attests not only to its abiding relevance but also to its central place in advancing human dignity. The core mission of the previous governments of this state was centrally to keep the state safe from insecurity, but in this administration, the defining mandate of the people is for you to create employment opportunities, reinvigorate the civil servant’s welfare and spread the milk of democracy more on the masses than the “system” so that the humanity may be better served amidst the recent challenges.
The people of the state need God fearing, responsible and generous system that will meet the needs of “we the people” for whom the state was created.
Don’t limit your metrics to the system alone: there are more competent and resourceful party faithfuls spread across the state; look beyond the system because the people will not be fully served unless peace, security, development, job opportunity, empowerment, civil servant’s welfare and human rights are advanced together with equal vigor.
Your Excellency,
I know the road you must have to tread to sustain all of these for all in this state has many pitfalls. I know that to cut through the fog of mistrust and misgivings in governance is going to require more intensive commitment. I know you cannot change everything at once, but if you prayerfully select your cabinets, especially, your first eleven and they work together with you transparently, flexibly and honestly, the progress in a few areas of your governance will lead to progress in many more.
This open letter was put together to throw lights on the urgent dark alley that must be attended to and to point out the system that must be focused. Remember still that whoever treat our communal integration with seriousness; whoever hankers after our safety and freedom; whoever thirsts for our dignity and whoever suffers for the sake of our prosperity will be our true patriot.
I wish you the very best in office.
Congratulations, sir.

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