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Open Letter To Atiku Abubakar On 2023 Presidency

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar

….”don’t listen to these praise singers who are already urging you to run for presidency. Some of them are only interested in your money.”

Read the full content of the letter by anonymous writer:
Dear Atiku Abubakar,
Your political relevance in Nigeria cannot be undermined and understated. Since Nigeria’s return to democracy in 1999, you have played centre stage in the country’s political discussion. You were vice president from 1999 to 2007, a period in Nigeria’s political history that has gone to shape the country’s democratic practice. You were one of the most important persons in the formation of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). You were also a notable financier of the All Progressives Congress when the party came into the political scene. On your return to the PDP, you won the party’s presidential ticket and faced incumbent president, Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019 Presidential election. After you lost the election, you vowed to appeal the Buhari victory which you did and even after losing at the tribunal, you went to the Supreme Court. Following your loss at the Supreme Court, you released a statement expressing concern about the country’s judiciary but still accepted the verdict in good faith nonetheless.
The tussle for 2023 has already started and some people are already asking you to run. These people have started trending hashtags saying you are the best man to lead Nigeria in 2023. They highlight some of your political successes and point out your business ventures and that with you at the realm of affairs; Nigeria would be on the road to success.
Dear Atiku, don’t listen to these praise singers who are already urging you to run for presidency. Some of them are only interested in your money. You are known to be a free-spender especially during electoral seasons and some of these people establishing groups in your name are only after what they can personally benefit.
Also, you have been a big supporter of the Not-too-young-to-run movement and have expressed support for youths in the country to be given a chance. You are 73 years sir and have already contributed to the growth of the country’s democracy. Although constitutionally, you have the right to contest for presidency but ask yourself this sir: Does Nigeria still need a president older than 70? The job is a very tasking one that requires the person at the realm of affairs to literally be on his toes. If it was in the civil service, you would have retired. Nigeria needs a youthful and vibrant president to help cope with the fast-paced dimension the world is taking.
Waziri, Nigeria also needs a breath of fresh air and its time all the old orders, which you also belong to, give it a rest. The country has continued to recycle leaders who go on to appoint their old friends into key positions and it has done little to move the country forward. You have also done your best but it is time to let a new order take control of the country.
Another significant reason why you should not consider running for 2023 presidency is that the mantle of political leadership is expected to swing to the south in the spirit of zoning. For the continuation of the unity of this country, it is only fair that the north support a southern presidency. You are one of the most detribalized Nigerians who believe that every region deserves respect and none is greater than the other. Please display this by supporting a 2023 southern presidency.
You have done a lot for Nigeria and you don’t need to be the president to continue to do so. Even from the side-line, your impact can still be felt.

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