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Kogi Gov, Ohinoyi Of Ebira Land Reconcile At Funeral Of Dr. Umar Farouk

The Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello and the Ohinoyi of Ebira land, Dr. Ado Ibrahim have settled the rift between them.
The rift began on December 29, 2022 when President Muhammadu Buhari paid an official visit to, among others, Okene to commission some landmark projects executed by the Governor. The absence of the Ohinoyi for the reception of the President and the circumstances surrounding it led to misunderstanding between the state government and the palace.
The two combatants, who exchanged letters of query and response to the query and more query, embraced peace yesterday, February 2 at the funeral of Dr. Umar Farouk Abdulazeez, a medical doctor, big time politician, philanthropist who died yesterday at age, 85.
After speaking glowingly about the deceased, the Ohinoyi, who sat next to the Governor, preached the word of forgiveness between the two of them.
“I have just had a private talks with my son seated by my side (Governor Yahaya Bello) and I let him know that as mortals, the two of us must have made mistakes in our interactions. I sought for forgiveness between us.”
The Governor, agreed before hundreds of sympathizers who turned up for the prayers for Dr. Umar Farouk that the rift between him and his father (the Ohinoyi) was over.
“It’s God who brought me out of Ebira and made me Governor, and I would not be the instrument for the destruction of Ebira land.

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“I will continue to search for ways of promoting peace in Ebira land in particular and Kogi State in general.
“Ohinoyi is truly my father; God Himself offered me to him, and therefore, there can never be any conflict between me and my father. A proverb says that quarrel between son and father cannot lead to disaffection and cannot last.”
Governor Yahaya Bello whose speech was echoed by another person at the funeral, said that he was not sure if his emotion would not lead him into open shedding of tears because of his close relationship with the deceased, Dr. Umar Farouk.
The Governor was accompanied by nearly all the top members of the state government as well as his kitchen cabinet, including his Chief of Staff, Pharmacist Asuku.

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