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Kenyan Boxer Faints After Winning London Fight

Boxer who fainted

Nairobi-born boxer, Erick Ochieng fainted in the boxing ring at York Hall, London after winning over North Ireland’s Paddy Gallagher.

The 26-year-old boxer ran out of strength after the match and fainted. Paramedics rushed in and gave him oxygen before carrying him from the ring in a stretcher.

Ochieng, who won the quarter-final match of the Prizefighter tournament, is set to meet Mark Douglas in the semi-finals.

Ochieng later announced on his social media account that he was fine. ‘In all things I give Christ glory. I am fine and in good health, it was too hot in the venue, for that cause I was feeling dizzy after a great performance and the paramedics were doing their job for health and safety reasons and routine. God bless, Eagle,’ he wrote.

Ochieng was born in Kaloleni, Nairobi, and later moved to London to join his parents….

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