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Premier League to Vote on Scrapping VAR in June

Premier League clubs will decide next month whether to scrap VAR for the upcoming season.

Wolves have submitted a resolution to abolish the controversial review system, triggering a vote among the league’s 20 teams on June 6. For VAR to be removed, at least 14 clubs must support the resolution.

Wolves argue that VAR is “undermining the value of the Premier League brand” due to numerous contentious decisions this season. They plan to canvass other clubs for support ahead of the meeting.

Introduced in 2019 to help referees avoid clear and obvious errors, VAR has faced increasing criticism from managers and fans.

Wolves claim that the system damages fan relationships with football and question its impact on the game’s spirit.

Despite Wolves’ stance, the Premier League maintains that VAR reduces incorrect decisions and supports its continued use.

A Premier League spokesperson confirmed that the upcoming annual general meeting would facilitate a discussion on VAR, acknowledging the concerns but emphasizing the league’s commitment to improving the system.

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