Home BUSINESS Vice President Namadi Sambo Lays Kogi House Foundation In Abuja

Vice President Namadi Sambo Lays Kogi House Foundation In Abuja

Vice President, Namadi Sambo
Vice President, Namadi Sambo

Vice President Mohammed Namadi Sambo, today, performed the foundation laying ceremony of Kogi House in Abuja.
The Housing project is being handled on Public Private arrangement with the state government taking care of 80 percent of the project cost.
Namadi Sambo commended the state government for, by this initiative, keying into the federal government’s Transformation Agenda, particularly in the areas of education agriculture, health care and others.
The Vice President said is happy with what he called the giant strides of Governor Idris Wada in the provision of relevant infrastructure, the efforts he has made in raising the state to high level towards attracting local and foreign investors.
He said that the house project underscores the fraternal and deep cordial working relationship that exists between the federal government and the people of Kogi State.
“The land was allocated to the Kogi state government for over twenty years ago but that your administration took the bull by the horn to develop it in order to harness and generate revenue and improve the economy of your state is a commendable effort. It is most interesting to take note of your economic and financial innovation in funding the development of this 11-storey edifice via a Public Private Partnership model.”
Namadi Sambo said that Abuja is a symbol of Nigeria’s unity and strength and called on state governments to strengthen this unity and cooperation by establishing a string of liaison offices in the capital city.
He also urged state governments to emulate Kogi State in achieving infrastructural development for the benefit of citizens.
Earlier, the Kogi State Governor, Captain Idris Ichalla Wada said that the foundation laying of the Kogi House has underscored the new branding of the State as the “Confluence of Opportunities.”
Governor Wada said that the Kogi House being funded from the proceeds of the Bond collected by the State government, would bridge the housing needs of its indigenes in Abuja, create employment opportunities and generate more revenue for the State.
He said that Kaibo Engineering Group Holdings Limited of China would contribute twenty percent and management of the project under the Private Partnership Agreement while the State government would chip in 80 percent.

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