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2024 Hajj To Cost N4.5 Million Minimum For Each Muslim

It will cost Muslim wanting to perform pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia in 2024 a minimum of N4.5 Million, the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria

(NAHCON) has announced.

NAHCON said that the amount has been fixed in line with the federal government’s unification of foreign exchange rates.

It advised state pilgrim welfare boards to start collecting a deposit of N4.5 million from prospective pilgrims.

The Commission said that the fixed amount is also a response to the fluctuating foreign exchange rates, which have the potential to impact the overall cost of the pilgrimage.

The Chairman of the Commission, Zikrullah Hassan, said that the uncertainty is still surrounding the cost of Hajj 2024 due to the current exchange rate, with the dollar valued at N750.

He said that the era of concessionary rates is over, and the cost of Hajj is expected to rise.

“The forex rate, which currently stands at N740 per dollar, adds to the complexity of estimating the pilgrimage’s cost.”

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Hassan expressed hope that the exchange rate might improve, but that preparations for a potentially expensive Hajj have already commenced.

Hassan said that Saudi Arabia would cease issuing visas 45 days prior to Arafah.

“This change aims to prevent last-minute alterations by state governors to accommodate additional pilgrims.

“This decision reinforces the need for careful planning and eliminates the possibility of securing visas after the cutoff date.”

According to him, approximately 80 to 90 percent of Hajj expenses are dollar-based, encompassing airfare, accommodation, catering, transportation within Saudi Arabia, and even the pilgrims’ Basic Traveling Allowance (BTA).

“The only Naira components are pilgrim uniforms, suitcases, and service charges.”

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