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Head Of British Royal, King Charles Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer

Prince Charles

The head of the British Roya family, King Charles III has been diagnosed with a form of cancer.
According to the Buckingham Palace, the cancer, was discovered during the King’s recent treatment for an enlarged prostate but said that it is not prostate cancer.
The Palace said that the type of cancer has not been revealed, but that the King began “regular treatments” today, February 5.
Buckingham Palace said in a statement that the King “remains wholly positive about his treatment and looks forward to returning to full public duty as soon as possible.”
The statement said that the King will postpone his public engagements and is expected other senior royals will help to stand in for him during his treatment.
The 75 year old King, returned to London from Sandringham in Norfolk early morning today. The palace confirmed that the King has commenced treatment as an outpatient.
Although he will pause his public events, the King will continue with his constitutional role as head of state, including paperwork and private meetings.
He was seen at a church service in Sandringham yesterday, where he waved to crowds.
He had a prostate procedure at a private London hospital more than a week ago.
The King had chosen to go public about his prostate treatment, with the aim of encouraging more men to get prostate checks, the palace said at the time.
He was said to have been delighted to have raised awareness about the issue, with the NHS website reporting a surge in issues about prostate conditions.
For many types of cancer, the chance of getting it increases with age. UK figures suggest, on average each year, more than a third (36%) of new cancer cases were in people aged 75 and over.
Source: BBC.

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