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People Are Tired, Hungry, Unemployed But Govt Keeps On Increasing Tax – Kenya’s Protester

“People are tired, hungry and unemployed and they (government) keep pushing these punitive taxes.”
A 28-year-old Hanifa Farsafi, who joined in the protest against tax hike bill by the Kenyan government told newsmen amidst police struggle to halt the massive protest, in which many people have lost their lives and hundreds were injured.
She added: “everyone is coming out (to protest) because we’re tired (of the hardships in the country)”
The country’s Defence Minister, Aden Duale had said in the official gazette that Kenya’s army had been deployed to support the police in controlling the “security emergency” which has resulted in the “destruction and breaching of critical infrastructure.”
The United Nations (UN) Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres has expressed “deep concern” by the deadly violence.
His spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, quoted him as saying that he was very much saddened by the reports of deaths and injuries, including journalists and medical personnel.
The youth-led protest
Yesterday was the third round of protests against the bill.

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Two people were killed last week during demonstrations – one hit by a gunshot and another by a tear gas canister.
The protests erupted last week, largely led by young activists, as the tax hikes – the second in as many years sought by Ruto’s government – stirred anger over the price rises they would incur on basics such as diapers and sanitary towels.
Amendments to the bill, which removed some of the more stringent proposals, like a bread tax, have failed to assuage protesters.
Parliament approved the finance bill, moving it through to a third reading by lawmakers. The next step is for the legislation to be sent to the president for signing.
He can send it back to Parliament if he has any objections.
Last year, when there was a similar tax hike, he had signed it immediately.

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