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Saudi Arabia Evacuates 119 Citizens, 10 Nigerians, Over 2,000 Other Nationals From Sudan

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced the evacuation, from the war-torn Sudan, of 119 of it’s citizens, 10 Nigerians and over 2,000 people from other 73 countries.
A statement today, April 28, from the Kingdom and obtained by Greenbarge Reporters online newspaper said that citizens from Nigeria and other countries that have been so evacuated, would be camped in safe place and adequately protected pending their deportation to their respective countries.
“The government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been working hard to provide all the necessary basic needs of the foreign Nationals who have been evacuated in preparation for facilitating their departure to their countries.”
The Kingdom said that it would continue to assist in organizing and coordinating the evacuation operations round the clock to ensure the safe exit of all nationalities from the troubled country.
“The Kingdom, together with friendly countries, encourage the establishment of armistice and opening of humanitarian corridors as well as protection of the civilians.”
The Kingdom pledged to continue to make every possible effort to ensure that bloodshed is stopped “and to end the fighting and return to the path of a political solution in Sudan.”
Among the countries whose citizens have so far been evacuated to Saudi Arabia are Netherlands, Russia, Lebanon, Norway, USA, Turkey, Serbia, Poland, Germany, India, Georgia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Sweden, UK, Ireland, Kenya, Philippines, Ethiopia and Southern Sudan.

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