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Gani Adams Insists Buhari Must Implement Jonathan’s Confab Report

Gani Adams
Gani Adams

The National Coordinator of the Oodua People’s Congress, Otunba Gani Adams, has said made it clear that General Muhammadu Buhari owes it an obligation to Nigerians to implement the report of the National Conference held last year.
Adams, who is also the Convener of the Oodua Progressive Union (OPU), an association of the Yoruba and people who believe in the Yoruba cause in the Diaspora, said in Dubai, United Arab Emirate that
the next phase of his struggle is the implementation of the report.
Adams, who was a member of the Confab, said the report of the conference, convened by outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan, contained far reaching decisions that are capable of turning around the fortunes of the country if genuinely and sincerely implemented.
He said that despite the fact that Jonathan who convened the Confab was leaving power, it would be uncharitable for the report to be thrown away by the incoming Buhari administration.
“Throwing the report away will amount to throwing away the baby with the bath water.
“We have a report put together by men and women from diverse backgrounds but with sincerity of purpose to move the country forward.
“My observation throughout the conference was that once we entered into the venue, we put our differences, nuances and biases behind us and discuss as people who truly have the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians at heart.”
Adams said that the most critical aspect of the conference report should be the implementation of true federalism in the country.
One of the critical recommendations of the report of the conference, which gulped over N7 billion, was the institutionalisation of federalism in the country.
“Even if that happens to be the only aspect we implement, others are going to fall in place naturally.
“We as Yoruba race will push vigorously for the implementation of the report of that conference.
“It is, perhaps, going to be the next phase of the struggle in Nigeria as the incoming government of General Muhammadu Buhari will be encouraged to implement the report, which is capable of putting Nigeria back on track fully.”

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