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I Pledge To Avoid Ostentation And Foolish Bigmanism, El-Rufai Tells Kaduna People

Gov El Rufai

Kaduna state governor, Nasiru el-Rufai has pledged that he and his deputy would avoid ostentation and foolish bigmanism in the governance of the state.

Speaking shortly after he was sworn in yesterday by the Chief Judge of Kaduna State, Justice Tanimu Zailani, the governor acknowledged that fact that leadership by example is the most persuasive way to demand sacrifices from all of us as citizens, adding: “We pledge to avoid ostentation and foolish bigmanism, and to value transparency, modesty and accountability.
“In recognition of the difficult challenges we face, our deputy Governor and I have concluded that the sacrifices that change requires must begin with us. We have decided to take a pay cut and donate 50 per cent of our salaries and allowances, until our fiscal situation improves.
“We will obey the same rules that we demand of all of you. After all, the law is the difference between civilization and anarchy. We submit ourselves to the principle that all are equal before the law.”

Governor el-Rufai disclosed that  Kaduna is the second most indebted state in the country, adding that the state cannot meet its obligations without handouts from the federal government.
He called on the people to make sacrifices for a better tomorrow and for the future of their children, saying: “I say to you today, my fellow citizens of Kaduna State, that the time has come for us to face up to our responsibilities as citizens. We must take many difficult decisions. We have no choice but to postpone immediate gratification and sacrifice the fleeting comforts of today for a better future for our children.
“This is what change means. You have spoken loud and clear that the time is now to stop the madness, and to live up to our fullest potential as human beings in the 21st Century.
The governor said that although the problems are many but that priorities would be focused on the few key things that would allow all people the chance to fulfill their highest aspirations.
“We pledge to you today to focus on jobs, security, education, and healthcare. We made these promises to you during the campaign, and we fully intend to fulfil them.”
The governor decried the security situation in the state, noting that insecurity is an obstacle to progress.
“Too many of our communities have suffered from communal violence, cattle-rustling and armed robbery, assuring that his administration will work with law enforcement officials to drastically reduce violent crime.
“By choosing us to lead all our people— man and woman, adult and child, Christian and Muslim— on the difficult road to our freedom from soul-crushing poverty and human degradation, I pledge to you today to work day and night to make Kaduna great again. Together, we shall make this corner of our country a state worthy of our children.” [myad]

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