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Ojukwu’s Son Says Kanu, Members Of His IPOB Group Are Misguided

Dede OjukwuOne of the sons of the late Biafra warlord; Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Mr. Debe Odumegwu Ojukwu, has described the Nnamdi Kanu-led Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), as misguided violent.
Debe was recently quoted to have said in an interview that “We own IPOB. IPOB belongs to us. We formed IPOB. IPOB is not a group. IPOB means Indigenous People of Biafra, of which every Biafran is a member. So it is wrong for one person to arrogate to himself who is IPOB, and who is not. What happened was that most of them were misinformed. If you are agitating, you don’t block the roads. You must give unimpeded access for free flow of the economy. It is when you start stalling the economy that you incur the wrath of the security agencies.”
The Kanu’s IPOB reacted today, Monday by saying: “read with horror and utter disgust, the garbage vomited by one Sylvester Ude who goes by the name Debe Ojukwu, stressing that it is constrained to dismantling and deconstructing the lies spewed out by the man.”
In a statement titled: ‘deconstructing Sylvester a.k.a Debe Ojukwu on his lies and contradictions_ part-1, signed by its spokespersons Mr. Emma Nmezu, a lawyer and Dr. Clifford Chukwuemeka Iroanya said “it is worthy to note that the Ojukwu Family of Umudim-Nnewi, Biafraland, have since disassociated themselves from this Sylvester Ude a.k.a. Debe Ojukwu, an impostor.
“Sylvester Ude a.k.a. Debe Ojukwu was said to have started the interview by insinuating that IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a violent movement when he said the following: “There are many Biafra agitators of which I am one. I am one, but I subscribe to the legal and diplomatic agitation; not the violent agitation.
“Even though we do not want to go into what makes Sylvester Ude a.k.a. Debe Ojukwu to claim that he is a Biafran agitator when he is a card-carrying member of Nigeria’s APC party but we would like to request Sylvester Ude a.k.a. Debe Ojukwu to provide a single evidence to show that we are violent.
“Is Sylvester Ude a.k.a. Debe Ojukwu aware that utterances such as these can land him in jail via a class-action lawsuit? Does this man, know that we have been mowed down by agents of the present government for simply gathering and praying in a school football field?”
Kanu’s IPOB alleged that to show how disorganized the man’s brain is, he made the following contradictory statements: “We own IPOB. IPOB belongs to us. We formed IPOB. IPOB is not a group. Our group has succeeded in being given observer status at the UN and AU.” Now the question is, who are the “we” that formed and owned IPOB? And which of the last two sentences are correct; that IPOB is not a group or that IPOB is “our group?
“In addition, we challenge this Sylvester Ude to provide any document that supports the claim that IPOB have been given observer status at the UN and AU. It is one thing to make a claim but it is another thing to support or substantiate such claim with documents or evidence.” [myad]

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