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Nyako Was Impeached To Satisfy Selfish Elements In Abuja-Rivers APC

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers state has said that Murtala Nyako was impeached as governor of Adamawa state on Tuesday by 18 out of 24 member House of Assembly simply to satisfy

the evil desire of those it called undemocratic elements operating from Abuja, the nation’s federal capital.
In a statement, the chairman of the state chapter of the party, Chief Davies Ibiamu Ikanya said described the impeachment as shocking and retrogressive
“We never thought that Adamawa State lawmakers would allow external forces to cause them to impeach a Governor that was not only duly elected but also enjoyed the overwhelming support of the people of Adamawa State just to satisfy the selfish and evil plots of undemocratic elements operating from Abuja. “To us, this is a retrogressive development aimed at rubbishing a man who has sacrificed so much for the unity and progress of Nigeria as a nation.”
Ikanya expressed regret that Nyako had been paid back in bad coin for spearheading the election of President Jonathan both at the 2011 PDP Presidential Primaries election and the general election proper of the President in 2011.
“This is one of the reasons why also Rivers State is under siege for given the President the highest number of votes during the 2011 Presidential election. “We are not used to crying over spilled milk but we will like to assure Adamawa people that we are solidly behind them, not minding the efforts of some undemocratic forces to put our democracy in danger.” The APC chieftain agreed that Impeachment is a normal exercise in any democracy but that induced impeachment like that of Adamawa State is condemnable. “We wonder why the PDP-led Federal Government should be putting our democracy in danger by luring and forcing some disgruntled and misguided lawmakers to be making efforts to impeach Governors of only APC-controlled states. The cases of Edo and Nasarawa states readily come to mind.”
He said that the world is watching how Nigeria is operating its democracy, even as he said wanted the people to keep watching “where all these rascality acts will lead us to as a nation.”
He cautioned however those he called undemocratic elements to watch out else they collapse the democracy as a result of their desperation to install President Jonathan for a third time against the letters of the Constitution that says that nobody should act as a President for more than eight years. “Should these elements succeed in their evil plot, they will be making President Jonathan to preside over this nation for over ten years and maybe thereafter make him a life President!” [myad]

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