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We’ve Rendered Insurgents Impotent, Degraded – Chief Of Air Staff

Chief of Army Staff, Farouq yahaya

The Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshall Oladayo Amao, has said that the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) in combating the insurgents has rendered them impotent, degraded their resources and capabilities through punitive strikes.

“The NAF in particular has unleashed the coercive effects of air power on the terrorists through intensive air interdiction of their locations and facilities.

“These punitive strikes have degraded their resources, disrupted their supply lines, and denied them of their freedom of movement.

“Consequently, they have been surrendering in droves to their troops due to the unbearable hardship meted out to them by the combined kinetic efforts of the AFN.”

The Chief of Air Staff spoke during a two-day 2022 NAF operations seminar today, October 27, in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state capital.

According to him, the fierce action of the armed forces of Nigeria against the terrorists has forced many of them to surrender due to hardship meted out to them.

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“We are all aware that our nation is currently faced with several security challenges, which do not only impinge on the stability of our country but also threaten our corporate existence as Nigerians.

“Accordingly, the Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN) has been at the forefront of addressing these issues, in concert with other security agencies.

“We have had significant gains in curtailing and degrading the resources and capabilities of these miscreants that seek to destabilize our nation.”

The theme of this year’s seminar is: ‘Harnessing Nigerian Air Force combat experience in Joint Military Operations for doctrinal development.’

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