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Adamu Mu’azu, True Son Of His Father, By Yusuf Ozi-Usman

Adamu Muazu ke
When an average African man is pleased with his son or even his friend, what usually comes out of his mouth in praise of such son or friend is: “Your father born you well” or “you are the true son of your father.”
Those who are lucky to still have in their psyche, the un-diluted African culture would regard the national chairman of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Adamu Mu’azu as the true son of his father.
He it was who came out boldly to say that he would not, under any circumstance, abuse the Presidential candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC), General Muhammadu Buhari simply because his party’s candidate, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is in running electoral battle with him.
As a matter of fact, Adamu Mu’azu was emphatic that he would prefer to resign as PDP chairman than being engineered to abuse General Buhari.
Information had it that Alhaju Adamu Mu’azu actually announced his resignation to the leadership of the Jonathan presidential campaign team following a heated ‘argument’ over the new campaign strategy adopted by the PDP presidential campaign team – and his unwillingness to play along.
He was said to have been pressured to resign from the seat of PDP national chairman because he refused to join the train of those insulting Buhari.
Adamu Mu’azu was quoted as saying: “if PDP wants me out, I am ready to throw the cap away.”
This was amidst the move by members of the presidential campaign team to pep up their campaign strategy in a manner to go after the integrity of Buhari and to expose the possible skeletons that may exist inside his closet – but Adamu Mu’azu called their bluff.
But because PDP did not anticipate Muazu’s eagerness to throw in the towel and accept his sack in defiance to their request of him to be critical and vocal against Buhari, they were taken aback and had to do a retreat away from their demand for him to resign. They are not prepared to take the risk of loosing the national chairman now because of the crisis it would throw up, being so close to elections. So they they quickly backpedalled with an apology to the national chairman. It took the intervention of the Emir of Bauchi, Malam Adamu for the national chairman to consider the apology tendered by the PDP presidential team.
In deed, Adamu Mu’azu’s stand against all odds, especially in a hot electioneering campaign period Nigeria is going through where anything goes, where in deed, abusive languages are freely used by politicians on one another, just as to win the heart of the electorate, shows that in the land of thousand insane people, there could be at least one that is sane.
As a matter of fact, a few politicians have made it a culture, a dangerous one at that, as Nigeria approaches the rescheduled March 28, April 11 general elections, to take pleasure in abusing the person of fellow politicians who are not only political leaders in their own right, but elders who are old enough to father them. In deed, a few of such political “rascals” would not consider their addresses or statements complete if insultive words are not hauled at the candidates of the opposing political party or parties.
And when Adamu Mu’azu came out to say that he would never abuse General Buhari, he simply displayed a high sense of maturity, the fear of God, the refined African culture and of course, foresight.
As a matter of fact, General Buhari is not only Mu’azu’s senior, but he is also a Fulani man like him (Mu’azu). It would amount to insulting his father if he accedes to joining those who have made it their major stock-in-trade to be insulting him because of the things of this world.
Those are they who have sold their souls, for as Bible asks: what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?
It has never occurred to those sharp mouthed politicians or jobbers that there is life after March/April elections, even after May 29 handing over. It never occurred to them that irrespective of who wins the election, there would be need for them and their sponsors to give account, both in deed and in other aspects. It never occurred to them that abuses, curses and ill-will breed exactly the same products in return, “back to senders.”
What has not changed in the way some Nigerian politicians do their things is the physical violence and, to a great extent, the hate language. But what has changed is the introduction, by younger ones (leaders of tomorrow a few years ago) whose psychiatric health is in question, of open insult, death wish and all other unprintable pronouncement against the opponents, for pot of porridge. Things that are clearly uncultured, un-African and abhorrent to a saner society. [myad]

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