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Akure Shouldn’t Be This Dirty, By Rashidat Yusuf

Akure is the ondo state capital in the South West Nigeria. It is one of the first generation states in Nigeria.
Ondo state, in general, boasts of a host of learned scholars, both men and women. In fact, the State is synonymous with Academics.
But the state is now ironically a replica of mediaeval society, in terms of modern infrastructure, especially the federal road that links the state with the nation’s federal capital territory, Abuja, through cities around Kogi state.
As one travels through Ipetu modu and reach Akure, one is confronted with filthy refuse dumps, left, right and centre.
At the gate of the Federal University of Technology (FUT) in Akure, one begins to wonder how such a prestigious institution is left unkept. One is confronted by high unkept grasses, decked in refuse dumps, right at the entrance of the school. The dome flowers, which are supposed to be for decoration, are virtually unkept.
Beside the school gate is the FUTA bakery that looks century old and deserted.
And as one proceeds towards Owo town, refuse dumps are seen littered on both sides of the federal road. There are pockets of scavengers doing block business around the area. What they care about is their businesses while the surrounding gets more and more polluted, unattended.
These type of scavengers are the ones the minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyeson Wike recently banished from Abuja. But, sadly, the same kind of business men are having it cool in Akure in an unkept environment.
It is obvious that none of the land marks structures such as NASFAT, a white garment Church, the proposed Permanent site of the City University as well as the Akure Airport, cares about the filthy corridor leading to their door steps.
As one enters Owo, another major town in Ondo, the story of refuse dumps by the road side continues.
As one moves toward
Ikare, one would begin to get another side of the story of the State: a good picture of how an environment should be.
It is on record that Akure town in particular, during the Olusegun Mimiko’s regime as governor, was never this filthy and unkept.
And therefore, if what we now see at the periphery of Akure town along the federal road is the same as the Akure metropolis, then the new governor has a lot to do to reposition the prestigious Akure town we used to know.
Governor Lucky Ayedatiwa should wake up, enliven the meaning of his name: “Ayè datiwà” (meaning in Yoruba language “Life is ours now”). It can also be translated to mean the popular “awa lokan.”
His excellency should ensure that Akure is made to wear a new look soon.
And the the federal government needs to realise that the federal road in this state need rehabilitation now. The road is getting eroded and dilapidated fast.
Rashidat Yusuf wrote in from Abuja and can be reached on. rashidatyusuf12@gmail.com

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