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Lagosians Must Keep An Eye On Officer Joseph Mbu, By Lauretta Onochie


LaurataOver the last few days, Nigerians have been stunned as a national institution, the Nigerian Army, was used in the most disgusting manner to try to tarnish the impeccable credentials of General Mohammadu Buhari. This culminated in a double speak by an Army Spokesperson, who declared the truth regarding the unnecessary raging controversy over Gen Mohammadu Buhari’s certificate and at the same time cast a serious doubt over the authenticity of same piece of evidence held by the Army.
Many Nigerians were appalled, to put it mildly, to see the Nigerian Army, an institution that was the pride of Africa but has been reduced to this sorry state, being dragged into partisanship by a selfish few. The reason for the constant desecration of the Nigerian Army under the present administration of President Jonathan, is unknown by watchers across the nation and the international community. Under this PDP-led government, our once gallant soldiers, who bravely defended our territorial integrity and shone in international assignments, have been reduced to a situation where dedicated Army officers, fund themselves to prosecute the war against terror within our shores.
The impunity and highhandedness of this administration should not be taken lying low. This is why we are concerned about this sudden redeployment of some Police Officers including the controversial AIG Joseph Mbu. Nigerians have not forgotten the role Mr Mbu played in the botched plan to scuttle the democratic establishments in Rivers State. The hard-working governor of Rivers state, Governor Rotimi Chibike Amechi, backed by the people of Rivers state and Nigerians, fought this battle Royale and emerged victorious. The scars of that war are still very fresh for all to see.
Having failed to deliver Rivers State to those who sent him on the sinister mission, Officer Mbu was redeployed to Abuja where, in the last redeployment of officers exercise, it was widely reported that all the PDP governors rejected the idea of having Mr Mbu as their states’ Police Commissioner.
We believe that this special redeployment of police officers, including the partisan Mr Mbu, days before an election in which the incumbent is expected to lose heavily, is politically motivated and planned to benefit the incumbent. As we are not unaware of the antecedents of Mr. Mbu, a police officer that at worst, should be facing trial for the atrocities he committed in Rivers state and at best, should have been retired, we are gravely concerned as to the brief that has been given to Mr. Mbu regarding the forth-coming elections.
It’s of great concern that Mr Mbu, who was reportedly rejected by all the PDP governors, is being foisted on Lagos state, an APC state, at this crucial time. We are hoping that Mr. Mbu and those he represents in his partisan capacity, are in the know that Nigerians, including Lagosians, are poised to recover their nation from the bandits that have held them down for sixteen years and no one is going to be able to stop them.
If this late redeployment, soon after we had one a few months ago, is aimed at scuttling the democratic process that will hand back Nigeria to Nigerians, then, those who are nursing such diabolical plans must think twice. Nigerians across the nation are waiting for this date with destiny, it’s the 14th if February. Nigerians would receive a love offering on this day as they head for the polls. Nigerians on this day, will also insist on their votes, counting.
It’s reassuring that the Abuja Accord is in place and we believe that Nigerians will abide by that accord. In order to support Nigerians to stand by their political leaders who signed the accord, we need to have free, fair and credible elections, devoid of intimidation and vote robbery. This is the only way Nigerians, who did not sign the Abuja Accord, will stand by the accord.
It will be beneficial for all Nigerians to be assured that officer Mbu and others that have now been redeployed will be acting in the interest of all Nigerians and not showing partisanship by taking sides. We need to know that they will work within the oath they swore as officers of the Nigerian entity.
Nigerians are no longer willing to see their votes disregarded. The Nigerian people, ordinary Nigerian people have a stake in this nation. They want to have a say in who runs the affairs of their nation. Previous elections have seen their votes disregarded by the few that have taken the collective destinies of Nigerians into their hands. But no more! Nigerians are the ones with the prerogative to decide who runs their affairs. Consequently, we insist on free, fair and credible elections devoid of bullying and intimidation.
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